How To Use

Enter the name of the port in the search function of the gallery!
If you know the number of the cancel than add it, that will be shorten the search.

The spelling of the ports and numbering of cancels to be guided by the catalogue
“Paquebot Cancellations of the World and more…” by Hosking, Dovey and Morris
published 2010.

Each cover in the gallery is determinate by harbour name, number of cancel and
capital in brackets. The capital in brackets enables a clear assignement of covers of one port with same cancel number e.g. Havana #2391 with fourteen different capitals (A-N).
Do not interpret the capitals in brackets as a scarity rating of the catalogue!

The most covers show all informations on the front side. When interesting cancels or informations are on revers (date of use, arrival- or passing cancels) then you find a short description below the picture.

If your search discover blank page you can be the first who exhibit a nice piece of your own collection on this place.
Scan your item with not less than 300 dpi and send it to the e-mail account:
It will be shown in the gallery short time later. If necessary attach a short comment.

Please don´t forget to mark your entry by your signature e.g. “Collection Jim Brown” or “Coll. J.B.”.
If you prefer to keep your identity covered use a nickname please.

Large diversity is desired in the gallery!!!

Covers with stamps of different countries, different dates of usage, variant colors of ink of the cancels and different ships or shipping companies as senders are wanted.