Vila/Vanuatu #1805
posted by P. Schulz, March 2024

posted by  D. Stratmann, December 2022

Forgery from Germany
posted by P.Schulz, December 2020

Hoboken / Antwerp
posted by P.Schulz, September 2017

posted by P.Schulz, March 2017

posted by P.Schulz, November 2014

Loose Ship Letter Brisbane
posted with kind permission of Dr. Andrew Cheung FRPSI
HKPS Chairman, October 2014

Cochin # 2963
posted by Peter Schulz, August 2014

Göteborg 1881!?
posted by Ernst Schilling, August 2014

Tunis, Tamatave and others from France
posted by Dirk Stratmann and Peter Schulz, October 2013

posted by Peter Schulz, September 2013, updated December 2013

posted by Peter Schulz, June 2013

posted by D. Stratmann, May 2013

Recipient NAUDET
posted by Peter Schulz, May 2013

Olehleh, Reykjavik and Louisville
posted by Peter Schulz, May 2013

Berlin Sassnitz TPO
posted by Dirk Stratmann, April 2013, updated May 2013

“River Dennis”
posted by Peter Schulz, April 2013

Cancel Genoa No. 1140 and 1146
posted by Dirk Stratmann and Peter Schulz, April 2013